Thursday, April 5, 2012

As you all probably know, Jared Leto shared a big announcement with all of us & that is; another livestream with VyRT!
This will include:
Intimate Thirty Seconds to Mars in-studio performance on 4/27, including a preview of the live tour film, sneak peek of ARTIFACT, discussion w/ the band + a look into the future of MARS.

Briefly, you ALL need to be there.
As we have discussed before though, some echelon have been facing problems with VyRT since it is not free. Many people can't afford the ticket and even more don't have a way to pay through online services.
So, as we did with the MARS300 VyRT livestream, we will be doing a giveaway!
YES, with the support of Echelon Donates, This is A Call To Arms & All Echelon Help. All of them will be donating tickets. Single echelon members will be donating too, just like several did the last time. We hope to make this as big as possible so we can make many echelon happy.
So how this works?
Simply, fill this form here.
You NEED to be following me in Twitter (30STMVOTE) because in case you win, I will have to send you a Direct Message.

The price info is out; The digital ticket costs $10 so MESSAGE FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO DONATE:
- Please purchase the ticket on your own (we don't want to have any responsibility of your money for safety reasons). You should receive an e-mail by VYRT with the login details. Please forward the PAYPAL GOLDEN TICKETS EMAIL & THE VYRT LOGIN DETAILS E-MAIL to with your Twitter username in the subject of the e-mail so we can add you in our "Thank you" list. For example:
Subject: Receipt for Your Payment to The One and Only Golden Tickets, Inc. (@30STMVOTE)

From the VyRT site:

How and when do I get my VyRT Code?

You will receive your unique VyRT viewing code within 48 hours of the event date. Please do not email Support asking for your code before this time!

So that means all of the donators will receive the activation code within 48 hours of the event date. If you are a donator, please forward the e-mail with the activation code as soon as you get it. It usually comes almost instantly.

The deadline of this giveaway is on 23rd of April. We will be accepting submissions & donations until that date. The winners will be chosen the very next day.

Good luck to everyone & hope to see as many of you as possible on 27/4!
-Sophie [30STMVOTE on Twitter/Facebook]


LilyMoonOnMARS said...

always the best echelon of us,I love you :)


TO FOLLOW THE OTHER ACCOUNTS: @ACall2Arms @AllEchelonHelp & @EchelonDonates. Any questions you can also ask any of us! Thank You once again to Soph for bring us together as a group donation force helping those Echelon that can not afford VyRT tickets! ~Kit from @ACall2Arms (This Is A Call To Arms)

Liene said...

Hi, Sophie. I applied for your giveaway, but I just got a ticket from @ACallToArms so you can take me off the list. You've probably heard this a lot, but I admire you for doing this. You're such an amazing person and I'm grateful there are such people as you in the world, who make the world happier. Thank you for all of what you've done and are doing. -Liene (@martian6277)

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